Search Engine Marketing Firms

Search Engine Marketing Firms

You Can Improve Customer Satisfaction & Increase Your Revenue …
with AdNumbers®.

AdNumbers is the low cost, easy to use solution to track Search Engine Marketing, prove your search engine marketing works and help increase your revenue.  By tracking the calls from your internet sites you can easily demonstrate the effectiveness of your search engine marketing to your prospects and customers. Use Dynamic Number Replacement or Proxy Pages to utilize different phone number for PPC and SEO campaigns. Track calls to the keyword if necessary.

In these difficult economic times prospects are reluctant to start new marketing programs unless they are convinced of their effectiveness. When customers use multiple marketing programs they have a hard time distinguishing the actual source of their leads.  And, when sales are down they tend to cut their advertising budget indiscriminately and many times eliminate the wrong programs. Use AdNumbers for tracking internet advertising and track leads from your websites and prove the effectiveness of your internet marketing and get a bigger share of the advertising budget rather than less.

Some of the special features we provide for Search Engine Marketing firms are:

  • Individual login for your website customers
  • Consolidated login for all your firms AdNumbers accounts
  • Monthly Call Detail reports with your logo emailed to your customers
  • Microsoft Excel file download of Call Detail Information

In addition, we offer optional billing plans with reduced rates for multiple AdNumbers to allow you to choose the most cost effective option:

  • Flat rate (no per minute charge) or
  • Fee plus per minute charge

When you use AdNumbers to track your SEM campaigns you arm yourself with the information on how many calls your search engine marketing is generating and the quality of those calls.  Show your customers why they should invest more in SEM with you and shift some of their advertising dollars from other advertising mediums that are not as effective.

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