How AdNumbers Work

How Call Tracking with AdNumbers Works ?

Use AdNumbers®, the numbers that track Advertising Performance

Don’t waste your money on advertising that doesn’t work

 They eliminate guess work.  Use AdNumbers instead of telephone company Remote Call Forwarding lines to track your calls. Port your RCF lines to AdNumbers to save money and get more features. AdNumbers ad tracking numbers provide automatic call tracking to capture every phone call from your advertisements.  They eliminate the guess work and measure how each of your marketing programs is working. You only have to sign onto your AdNumbers internet portal to see call detail information for each of your advertising programs.

 They are simple – You don’t replace any of your existing phone numbers or equipment. Customers call the ad tracking AdNumbers in your print or internet ad or direct mail piece and the call is forwarded to one or more of your existing phone numbers. Forward calls to multiple sales people so you never miss a call. And, because AdNumbers have multiple call paths your prospects never get a busy signal.

 They make you Look LOCAL. AdNumbers is the low cost solution to making your business look local in your area code as well as any city your advertising is targeting. And, because AdNumbers have multiple call paths you save money over telephone company RCF lines which charge extra for each call path as well as for long distance on every call they forward to your existing business phone number.

 They work in any United States Area Code.  No matter where you are located, from California to Florida and Hawaii, you can use a local or toll free AdNumbers to track your advertising.

 They improve your marketing. By providing automatic call recording AdNumbers allow you to monitor how calls are being answered and quantify the quality of the leads you are getting.  The enhanced caller demographics (name, address & phone number) allow you to follow up on missed calls and add to your prospect data base.  .

 They are inexpensive. Local AdNumbers are available on a flat rate (no per minute charge) basis for only $24.95 per month or a per minute plan with a base fee of $9.95 plus $.10 per minute of connected time.  Toll Free AdNumbers cost $9.95 plus $.10 per minute of connected time.  Call for special flat rate pricing on additional local or toll free numbers. Don’t be mislead by low ball pricing from VOIP based carriers who don’t provide the quality of service you need.

And, AdNumbers include at no extra cost call recording, multiple call paths, voice mail, dynamic number replacement, on demand reporting as well as the ability to download call data from our online call tracking portal. There is only a small one time fee to activate your AdNumbers and no taxes or long distance fees for transferred calls..

 They don’t require a long term agreement.  AdNumbers are available under a month to month agreement. Don’t get locked into a long-term agreement.

adnumbers You always control your number:  You can always port AdNumbers to another carrier if for any reason you are not satisfied with our service. Make sure if you use tracking lines from an advertiser you always have the right to port the phone number to another carrier.

 They are Easy to Order.  Just call AdNumbers and we can have your new local or toll free AdNumbers active in less than one hour. Eliminate the long lead times that exist when you get new phone numbers from your local telephone company.

 Port your existing RCF numbers.  Save money and get all the phone call tracking features by porting your existing local telephone company RCF lines to AdNumbers. AdNumbers will save you 40% to 75% by eliminating telephone company taxes, additional call path charges and long distance fees. If you have expensive RCF lines call us to get a quote to convert them into AdNumbers and find out how much you can save.

AdNumbers is the cost effective automatic call tracking, call recording, call measurement solution small and medium sized business use to make sure their advertising works. Eliminate expensive RCF lines and put your money to work more effectively and find out which of your ads works!

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