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ProNumbers is the virtual PBX telephone solution that enhances your image

Professional Front End Greeting  Call Routing  Voice Mail  Digital Fax
Professional Front End Greeting
Provide your callers with a professional front-end attendant (personal, custom or professional greeting)
Play sample greeting
Customers can hear music or your custom commercial on hold
Play sample commercial on-hold message
Answers calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (takes multiple calls simultaneously)
Call Routing
Route incoming calls to any telephone (office, cell, home, other), anytime from anywhere
Control customer service calls by diverting them directly to a call center, assistant or professional voicemail
Speed calls for quotes and estimates to one or multiple sales people
Transfer calls to your ProNumber to any telephone number
Consolidate Your Voice Mail Accounts
Capture all your voice mail is in one account
Retrieve your voice mail from any telephone or from your email
Receive text notification of new voice mail on your cell phone
Copy or forward your voice mail message to anyone with an email address
30-day back up on voice mail
 Digital Fax
ProNumber accepts incoming faxes and delivers them to your email
Digital format allows easy filing by customer, vendor, etc.
Receive text notification of faxes received on your cell phone
No busy fax machine, no paper jams and receive multiple faxes at the same time
Read your faxes from any location where you have an internet connection
Copy or forward your faxes to anyone with an email address
Save money on fax supplies
30 day back-up on all faxes


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