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Remote Call Forwarding

Advertising is the best way to get your company noticed. If done properly, you can increase the amount of calls you get from potential customers. Some of the best places for advertising your products or services is in local directories, Internet advertising, newspapers and even direct mail. In order to do this successfully you will need to implement the use of remote call forwarding (RCF) phone numbers. 

Remote call forwarding lines allows you to make your company appear local to the targeted cities in your advertising campaigns. Local phone numbers make prospects feel more at ease when they call because they think you are a local company.

There are many advantages to going with RCF lines including saving money. Especially when you purchase them from Call Tracking companies as they provide remote call forwarding lines that not only forward your calls but also allow you to track your calls so you can better pin point your advertising strategy. This strategy also allows you to drop those expensive telephone company RCF lines where they charge you monthly taxes and fees as well as long distance fees and additional call path fees. Those fees can double and triple your costs making it hard to stay within your budget.

Use RCF lines to offer your customers local or toll free numbers to call so there is no cost to them at all to contact you and they will never have to worry about getting a busy signal. Many of the call tracking company’s remote call forwarding lines comes with four call paths as a standard package which eliminates a busy signal when your call volume gets high. Check to make sure the company you are dealing with offers that feature.

If you currently have RCF lines in place from your local telephone company just simply port them over to a call tracking company so that they can track your incoming calls. This will also save you money as you will get rid of the local telephone company taxes and all of the extra unnecessary fees that they charge.

Remote call forwarding works well with your direct mailing advertising because you can make your company seem like it is right in the same neighborhood with your customers. It also allows you to track the amount of calls that you get from each particular number that attached to each direct mailing that you send out.

You can use RCF lines with any of your geo targeted internet marketing campaigns so you can reach people all over the United States but still seem like you are a local company. You just need to use a local number that goes with the area that you are targeting. This also works well with your ads in local telephone print directories. By looking local people will feel more comfortable to call your company when they are in need of the services or goods that you provide.

Remote call forwarding from a call tracking company is the best way to go when you want to give your customers the best experience with your company. You can track your calls easier, cut your telephone costs and eliminate ads that are not working, freeing up money that can be spent on ads that are working.


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