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You Know that...
Half of your Advertising works
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 Remote Call Forwarding Features
Use AdNumbers®, the numbers that economically track Advertising Performance
Don’t waste time and money using Telco RCF Lines
Port RCF lines to AdNumbers and get multiple call paths & long distance FREE

 AdNumbers are less expensive –  Telephone company rcf lines include charges for long distance fees, additional call paths as well as their monthly fees and taxes. AdNumbers are available on a flat rate (no per minute charge) basis for only $24.95 per month or a base fee of $9.95 plus $.10 per minute of connected time and include MULTIPLE call paths.  Toll Free AdNumbers cost $9.95 plus $.10 per minute of connected time.  And NO telephone company taxes are added to your bills!   Call for special pricing on additional local AdNumbers.  AdNumbers provide Call Recording, Dynamic Number Replacement, Proxy Pages, Caller Demographics and other features.

 Eliminate LD & Call Path Fees - More important, with AdNumbers there are NO long distance toll charges to forward calls to your business phone number and as AdNumbers come standard with MULTIPLE Call Paths you don't need to purchase expensive additional call paths on your high volume numbers to avoid your prospects getting a busy signal.

  AdNumbers are Easy to Order.  Just call AdNumbers and we can have your new local or toll free AdNumbers active in less than one hour. Eliminate the long lead times that exist when you get new phone numbers from your local telephone company.

 Port your existing RCF numbers.  Save money and get all the phone call tracking features by porting your existing local telephone company RCF lines to AdNumbers. AdNumbers will save you 40% to 75% by eliminating telephone company taxes, additional call path charges and long distance fees. If you have expensive RCF lines call us to get a quote to convert them into AdNumbers and find out how much you can save.

They don’t require a long term agreement. 
 AdNumbers are available under a month to month agreement. Don’t get locked into a long-term agreement.

adnumbers You always control your number:  You can always port AdNumbers to another carrier if for any reason you are not satisfied with our service. Make sure if you use tracking lines from an advertiser you always have the right to port your phone number.

AdNumbers are the cost effective remote call forwarding solution that also does Phone Call Tracking and Call Measurement that small and medium sized business can use to make sure their advertising works. Put your money to work for you and use AdNumbers remote call forwarding to find out what part of your advertising works!


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