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You Know that...
Half of your Advertising works
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Which Half !


Control Advertising Cost 
 Is all your advertising profitable?

Advertise with confidence ... with AdNumbers®.

Use AdNumbers to control advertising cost and improve advertising results. Imagine that you place three ads of roughly the same cost. You see an increase in caller volume, and so you renew the three ads. Good decision, right? Not necessarily. With your reliable AdNumbers Call Tracking report, you would have known that:

#1 – Internet Ad generated 80 calls,
#2 – Yellow Pages Ad generated 60 calls, and
#3 - Yellow Pages Ad generated only 11 calls.

In addition, with our call recording capability you can determine what calls resulted in sales, what calls were not handled properly and resulted in lost sales and what calls were junk calls from telemarketers or just wrong numbers.

Armed with that ad tracking information, you could either reduce your advertising budget, or shift your dollars from Ad #3 to the ads that you know are paying off.


Do you know what each of your advertising programs is profitable for you?
How would this cost per call information help you manage of your advertising:


Monthly ad cost

Calls for the month

Cost per call

#1 - Internet Ad




#2 - Yellow Pages Ad




#3 - Yellow Pages Ad




#4 - Newspaper Ad




#5 - Direct Mail Campaign




With this call tracking information our customers control advertising cost and improve advertising results by knowing which of their advertising programs to renew, expand or eliminate?


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